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Published on Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Importance of being in Church

For Lutherans, Worship should be the center of their life and relationship with their God. But these days, many people feel they do not need to attend regularly, or can attend only when it is convenient for them. But this is not what is the expectation of our God. He gave us a specific day for us to come together and Worship Him and receive the Means of Grace He bestows on us. His forgiveness, His Supper, His Word. But in Worship we also find meaning and purpose, we are strengthened by the other people in the pews, Worship is to be a gathering of God’s children, confessing their sins, receiving His forgiveness and so much more. We should yearn to worship, we should so desire to be in worship that we do not let the toils of this world distract us from the great pleasure of being in the company of our Lord.

The key to understanding the way Lutherans worship is realizing that God initiates a Holy Conversation: He speaks first. Only then do His people respond, not the other way around. Such is the way God has worked from the very beginning of creation (Genesis 1:3). Because of our sin, we cannot come to God; God must come to us. This is what takes place in the Divine Service, through Word and Sacraments, God speaks to His people.

Remember our God is a relational God, He wants a real relationship with you! He wants to be your shepherd, your rock, your shield and your strength. All of this is found, being in Worship.

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Author: Rev R Blaine Jorg

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